Bought a New Shop? You Need a Commercial Electrician!


We all know that dodgy handymen are to be avoided like the plague. Anyone that has made that mistake has paid more to fix the issues. If you are opening a new commercial space for business, it is very important that you hire someone that specialises in electrical work for commercial buildings. People assume that any electrician is up for the task but there are certain things that make commercial buildings require a different level of expertise. Read on to discover why you need to hire a commercial electrician for your new shop.

⦁ Commercial electricians have more expertise

When installing your commercial electrical wiring, the functionality and convenience of your wiring are important to keep in mind. You must carefully think of your home requirements when deciding the placement of your electrical switches and outlets. 

Every building is structured to serve the purpose for which it was built. Commercial buildings are not all wired the same. For example, a restaurant will not have the same wiring as a storefront because their requirements will not be the same.

A commercial electrician has enough knowledge of commercial wiring and can deal with any electrical requirement that a commercial building will have. If you decide to hire a residential electrician for this job, this may be hazardous for you, your employees and future customers.

⦁ Commercial electricians are insured

Whenever you hire a professional for any job, you lower the probability of things going unplanned. With electricity, however, you can never be too careful! We are not just talking about proper work practices and safety; the electrician needs to be insured for the work they do.

A bad electrical job will damage any appliances you will use in the shop and put you at risk for electric shocks. In the event that something goes wrong, commercial electricians are fully insured, and you will not incur any extra cost.

⦁ Commercial electricians can help you save time

Commercial electricians have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. This can help you save time. A good commercial electrician will know exactly what a commercial building will require and what it won’t need. They will also be aware of any pitfalls that need to be avoided and will already have a plan in case something goes wrong.

The ability to predict what problems may potentially happen and provide quick solutions to them makes a commercial electrician a big asset. If you have an electrical issue that needs to be dealt with, a commercial electrician will not waste time trying to find the problem, in fact, their previous experience will help them find and deal quickly with any and all issues.

Are you looking for a commercial electrician in Sydney? At D&K Electrical, we have a team of fully qualified electricians with many years of experience under their belts. Contact us today and we will help you fix any electrical issues that you may have.

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