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Switchboard faults and breakdowns can be costly and can result in damage to assets, injury to customers and staff and can cause unnecessary business downtime. D&K Electrical Services Pty Ltd provides switchboard upgrades and maintenance services for Commercial sites across Sydney. Contact us if your Circuit breakers or RCDs are frequently tripping or you’ve faced with any faults or excessive heating issues then get in touch with us right away to resolve all the electricity issues and let us take the stress off your shoulders. 

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Switchboard Maintenance And Upgrade Services Sydney

At D&K Electrical we pride ourselves on providing clients with switchboard maintenance and upgrade services in Sydney. For Office complexes, commercial, Industrial factories and buildings. As part of switchboard maintenance we also provide the following services:

Our team is Highly Specialized in Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Safety Checks and Maintenance

All switchboards should have regular safety checks done. Don’t worry we are here to provide you with the best switchboard maintenance checks. At D&K Electrical our switchboard checks include insulation resistance checks and high potential tests. After we have serviced any switchboard we also perform a routine safety check to ensure that the switchboard will be working as it should.

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Switchboard Legend Updates

The switchboard legend details any work that would have been done and when next checks should be done. We give a thorough legend update any time we perform a switchboard maintenance check. So, don’t worry about any Switchboard maintenance and upgrades, we are 24/7 available to assist you!

Switchboard Weather Seal Checks

Switchboard weather seals need to be intact especially if the switchboard is outdoors. The seals make a barrier that will not allow moisture and rust to penetrate the switchboard that cause faults. We check to see if the seal is intact and if it needs to be replaced, we replace it. Our qualified team of Electrical engineers are there to check every safety measures in the work.

Switchboard Thermal Checks
An overheating switchboard is a cause for concern. Regular checks must be performed to ensure that the switchboard temperature is within reasonable limits and if not, we take corrective measures to ensure that the temperature is regularised once more.
Switchboard Cleaning
Over time, dust accumulates around the switchboard or vermin can get access to the wiring. As part of our switchboard maintenance we clean the switchboard and check for any vermin damage so that it can be repaired.

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What makes D&K electricals different from the rest? We’re well-known for paying attention to detail our commitment to excellence and our decades’ worth of experience. Here are more reasons to consider us for your next electrical project:

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We are certified with NSW Electrical Contractors Licence and an Austel Licence class BCL, U, A, 5, C, F

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We stand by the quality of our work but for your peace of mind, all electrical work is covered by a professional workmanship warranty. 

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