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At D&K Electrical we use many cable support systems in our installations. The main cable support systems that we use are Cable Tray Systems, Cable Ladders, Cable Mesh and Cable Ducts. We use specially designed cable supports that are easy to install and they can support heavy duty cables as well as all other types of cables.

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Best Cable Support Systems

These cable systems are an integral part of many of our installations. For that reason, we ensure that they are sourced through our Electrical Compliance Suppliers network. Good quality cable systems ensure that any installation that we do will stand the test of time and that is why we only work with the best.

For businesses that want to undertake new installations in a commercial or industrial building, give us a ring and we will help you to create a design that is suitable for the building layout and the expected usage when you are up and running.

D&K Electrical Services Pty Ltd offers all the above and more across Sydney. Any issues that you may have with your electrical system in a commercial setting are our expertise. We will come to you and help you solve any, and all problems that you may have.

Cable Trays

Cable trays are made from one piece of steel and they have no welding in any part of their structure. They provide continuous support along their lengths.

Cable Ladders

We use cable ladders in installations where there are high volumes of heavy weight cables that travel over long distances. The ducting for cable ladders makes it the perfect choice for inside installations.

Cable Mesh

Cable mesh is a flexible alternative to cable ladders and cable trays. It allows us to work with lots of cables on complex installations without getting our wires crossed. The structure of cable mesh allows us to drop cables any where along the length of cable mesh.

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Cable Ducts

Cable ducts are the most aesthetically pleasing option to use to cover up cables long the length of the building. We have many choices between clipped cable ducts, ones that have screws and other fittings and we choose the most convenient one depending on what the requirements of the installation are.

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