3 Times You Should Call A Commercial Electrician


Did you know that there are major differences between domestic electricians and commercial ones? A lot of people are under the impression that all electricians are the same but truthfully speaking, the level of complexity required for their respective jobs makes them distinct from each other. Commercial buildings have more complex electrical layouts and require circuits and transformers that can handle higher voltages.

Simply put, as long as there has been an electrical emergency in a commercial building such as a factory, warehouse or office, you need to call a commercial electrician. Below are 3 instances where you need to call a commercial electrician.

If you have a power failure

Power outages are sometimes unavoidable in commercial buildings. In such instances, a residential electrician is not equipped with the right knowledge of the electrical layout of commercial properties. This makes it hard for them to locate the source of the outage and resolve the issue. If you hire a household electrician for such a job, you may end up doing more harm than good and still have to hire a commercial electrician to repair the damage that would have been caused by a household electrician. Therefore, you need a Emergency power restoration which is provided by D&K Electricals.

If there is an electrical fire

An electrical fire in a home setting is easier to deal with. It can be caused by faulty wiring extension cords or small things such as using the wrong light bulbs. In a commercial setting, there are more things that can potentially start an electric fire. The equipment may be defective or the wiring may have issues. A commercial electrician is qualified to understand the complex wiring of commercial buildings and also link that to the equipment that is being used. This comprehensive knowledge of electrical wiring in commercial buildings makes them a better choice when you need someone to deal with an electrical fire.

If the safety switch switches off

If the safety switch in a commercial building turns off, you need to call a commercial electrician. This can be caused by damaged wiring, defective machines and devices or if the safety switchboard itself is broken. Each of these causes needs to be taken in context so that the right solution is applied to your problem. There is no single solution that fits all these issues and a commercial electrician will tailor the appropriate fix for your problem. A good commercial electrician will not only fix the problem, they will also put measures that will ensure that the same issue does not come up again. So, it’s important to upgrade your switchboard with time. Now, that’s value for service, isn’t it?

Are you looking for a commercial electrician in Sydney? Well, we’ve got you covered. At D&K Electricals, we have a team of fully qualified electricians with many years of experience under their belts. Contact us today and we will help you fix any electrical issues that you may have.

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