5 Signs Your Commercial Office Or Building Might Need an Emergency Commercial Electrician


Did you know that 20 percent of all fires in Australia are caused by electrical faults? These happen when people ignore some tell-tale signs or any issue with their electrical wiring. Some of these issues are urgent and need to be dealt with in all haste. Below is a guide as to which electrical issues are considered emergencies in a commercial setting. You will need to hire an emergency commercial electrician when you have any of these problems. To find out more, read on!

You get an electrical shock

Electrical shocks, no matter how minor they are, are an emergency. They should never be ignored as they are a big sign that electricity is escaping from the main circuit. This may cause injury or start an electrical fire. If anyone receives an electrical shock from machinery or an outlet while they are working, switch it off immediately and call an emergency commercial electrician. So Switchboard upgrades and maintenance are important for your safety.

If an outlet is sparking

This is a glaring sign that there is something wrong with the electrical system that you have. Sparks can easily escalate and cause a big electrical breakdown and potentially cause an electrical fire. If you find that one of the outlets that you have is sparking, switch it off immediately and call an emergency commercial electrician.

If the breaker box is buzzing

If your breaker box is producing a buzzing or humming sound, there is a big problem with your wiring. The circuit breaker is installed so that it protects your property from big electrical surges. If it is damaged or buzzing, this leaves you exposed. Any slight humming or buzzing must be dealt with quickly.

Fuses are continually blowing

It is normal to sometimes have a fuse that blows. It is not a big issue. But if you find that you get many fuses blowing in a short period, this is a sign that there is a bigger problem that is causing all of this. Fuses blow when they are overloaded. You will need to replace all the blown fuses and call a commercial electrician to make sure that any underlying issues are dealt with.

Flickering lights

A flickering light doesn’t necessarily indicate a danger, but if the problem is recurring and occurring in multiple rooms, it may indicate a more serious electrical problem. In such a case, an emergency commercial electrician can diagnose whether the problem is caused by a faulty light bulb, appliance, overloaded electrical circuit, etc. Not only can a building’s electrical installation be at risk, but the health of the people living there can also be in danger. Prolonged flickering of overhead lights can cause vision problems, headaches, and overall morale. 

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