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Exit and Emergency Lighting Installations and Testing

At D&K Electrical we offer Exit and Emergency Lighting Commercial Electrical Installations and Testing around New South Wales. When we receive your inquiry, we arrange for a site visit at a time that’s convenient for you. Exit and Emergency lighting provides lighting for occupants to safely exit a building when the normal lighting has failed due to power loss. Each exit and emergency luminaire is fitted with a battery and is required to provide light for at least 90 minutes after the power fails.

Where is emergency lighting required?

Commercial and government buildings that are occupied by employees, customers, or the general public need to have emergency lights installed. Common areas of multi-residential buildings also require emergency lighting. Following that criteria office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, bars & restaurants, Industrial facilities, warehouses, and sporting venues all require emergency lighting system installation and Commercial Electrical installation done.

Where are emergency lights installed in a building?

At D & K Electrical we have licensed commercial electricians that can look at the blueprints of any commercial building and determine where the emergency lights need to be installed. We also know how to install emergency exit lights and how to install an exit sign with emergency lights. Exit signs must be placed where they are clearly visible to any building’s occupants. This is usually directly above exit doors, at the top of staircases and where there is a change of direction along the escape route to the final exit.

Emergency lights need to be installed at regular intervals inside a building to illuminate the escape routes out of the building. There are different types of emergency lights that can be installed and to determine which would be perfect for you building, we will consider the building shape and ceiling height before we give you our recommendations.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Testing

We also offer Emergency and Exit Light Testing. Exit and emergency lights need to be tested biannually to ensure that they run for the full 90 minutes in the event of a power outage. This is recorded in a logbook that needs to be filled in by a qualified electrician so that there is compliance to building safety regulations.  Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines. During these tests we simulate a power outage and asses whether or not the lighting responds as it should. We also troubleshoot for any other problems by circuit testing and testing the efficiency of the power supply sensing systems. Our qualified commercial electricians can deal with any issues that may be exposed during these tests and restore full function in the case of any faults.

So if you need to get your building compliant or if your emergency and exit signs are faulty, give us a ring and we will come get any and all issued fixed for you.

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